Zambeze Delta Mozambique

Mozambique is situated in South East Africa. Coutada 11 is an Official safari concession, covering 2000 square kilometers of some of the most diverse habitat and animal species in Africa. This area is one of the few remaining in Africa where one can still do a Classical African Safari.

Coutada 11 is part of the Marromeu Complex and borders the mighty Zambezi River to the north. Coutada 11 is situated in the central part of Coastal Mozambique. The spectrum of wildlife is quite remarkable, having 21 hunting species of game from the tiny Livingstone Suni to the Buffalo, including 4 of the Big 5.

Buffalo roam the open flood plains and swamps  in herds of several hundred, a recent count in the Marromeu complex estimated the Buffalo herds to be around 20 000 strong. Sable are huge herds and are often found nearing 150 strong.

Coutada 11 has 5 distinctive types of habitat, namely Miombo Woodland, sand forests, tropical savannah, swamps and floodplains which makes this area totally unique.

We are the longest standing concessionaire in Mozambique and have had the lease on Coutada 11 since 1992 – over the years, sound Game Management practices and Antipoaching programs, have contributed to making this area one of the best free-roaming game lands in Africa today. Coutada 11 is virtually at carrying capacity for most species. 

Hunters fly into Beira International Airport, and a short charter flight finds you landing in one of the most pristine hunting concessions in Africa.