At the Helm

Carlos Pacheco Faria and Mark Haldane

Zambeze Delta Safaris was the first safari company to be registered in Mozambique post the civil war, the year was 1994, the same year Mark first set foot in Coutada 11.

This was the beginning of a long standing successful partnership between Mark and Carlos.

Coutada 11 is a government Concession and is issued on a long lease. A good working relationship with Mozambique’s game department ( ANAC ) is essential to the smooth running of our company.

Carlos handles this portion of our operation as well as the day to day licensing requirements for each safari.

Mark runs the operation on the ground, guides safaris and with his brother Glen, heads up the marketing. In recent years we have added a strong conservation side to the operation and Carlos and Mark have been equally involved in this project. Carlos has decades of experience in the hotel and tourism industry and heads up Mozambique’s tourism board, he is also CEO of a company running and operating Hotels in Mozambique.

Mark has been hunting professionally since 1986 and has guided in all of the Southern African countries as well as most of the Central African countries.

He has also guided in Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand and Romania. Both Carlos and Mark have had more than 25 years of hands on experience in running Mozambique’s leading hunting operation.

Showing how beautiful Coutada 11 is, is always made easier with stunning pictures. Mark is very fortunate in having Laurette by his side, always with camera in hand capturing every moment.