Meet The Team

Professional Hunters

Julian Moller


Julian grew up with a fascination for firearms and hunting. In 1995 Julian started his hunting apprenticeship and in 1988 became a registered guide. In 1999, Julian started guiding for Game Hunters Africa and Zambeze Delta Safaris. He has many years of experience in hunting big game throughout Southern Africa and is one of the more experienced guides in hunting the forests of Mozambique.

Dylan Holmes


Dylan grew up in a rural farming district of South Africa. This privilege provided him the opportunity to develop a great understanding and respect for nature. In 1997 Dylan joined ZDS as an apprentice and continued on to become an accomplished professional hunter. His love and understanding of the animals and areas he hunts is tremendous. Dylan’s attention to his clients is exemplary and he is a great asset to ZDS.

Poen Van Zyl


Started hunting with us as an assistant during his school holidays, so he knows the area extremely well. Poen comes from a farming community and has been hunting from a very young age. He has also hunted in Zambia, Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

Ben Rautenbach


Ben grew up on a farm in Northern Zululand. Hunting and fishing was part of life on the farm. Becoming a Professional Hunter in 2003, he gained valuable big game experience in the following two years in Tanzania while doing his apprenticeship. Successfully guiding in most of the East and Southern African countries. He has been working for Zambeze Delta Safaris and Game Hunters Africa since 2009.

Garth Robinson


Started his professional hunting career in 1988 in Botswana, actively involved in Botswana and Mozambique over the past 22 years. Having hunted Botswana for so long it is no wonder that Elephant hunting is Garth’s passion and he has produced a number of big bulls for clients. Since Botswana’s closure Garth has mainly hunted in Mozambique where he enjoys new adventures and hunting new species.

Rye Pletts


Growing up on a farm in zululand South Africa. Rye started hunting from a very young age with his zulu friends, with a passion for building guns and the love of the outdoors and nature, Professional Hunting was an obvious choice. Rye started professional hunting in 2009 and has worked in Zambezi Delta since 2012, passionate on hunting buffalo in the Delta swamps.

Bredger Thomason


Bredger, a native Texan has been a Bowhunter his whole life. A veteran of many African safaris, he is now the Zambeze Delta master Bowman. Bredger prides himself in guiding spot and stalk Safaris in Mozambique for bowhunters seeking the ultimate in free range Bowhunting. There are few people in life who love hunting and the outdoors as much as this man. He has been part of the team since 2015.

Xavier Schutte


Xavier has been working for Zambeze Delta safaris since 2017. He served a 2 year apprenticeship and in 2019 received his full Professional hunters license. A strong love for the outdoors, an intimate knowledge of Coutada 11 and his attention to detail with clients makes him a great PH.

Scientific Research and Wildlife Monitoring

Willem Briers-Louw

Willem heads up our scientific research and wildlife monitoring in Coutada 11. Highly qualified, having completed his BSc in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University in 2015. He then furthered his studies by doing a MSc on the ecology of reintroduced lion and leopard and resident spotted hyena in Majete Game Reserve in Malawi. We are now fortunate enough to have him as our wildlife ecologist based in Coutada 11.

The Ladies

Anita Van Heerden

2020 will be Anita’s 18th year, working for Zambeze Delta Safaris. She is the “go-to” person, on the other side of the emails, making the safaris happen, from booking of flights, accommodation, to sorting out the licenses on the Mozambique side of things. She will assist you from the beginning to the end of the safari. Anita is passionate about keeping in contact with our clients, and promises to do so as quickly as possible.

Poppie Van Zyl (Zaendre)

Poppie started working for Zambeze Delta safaris in 2010. She started off running our remote Satelite camps. It didn’t take long for her to show her true worth and in short form she took over the running of all our camps. Poppie is passionate about people, the outdoors and wildlife. Her dedication shows. She is an extremely capable lady, running both our camps, the camp catering, and trophy transport from our camps. She never forgets a name and it seems none of our clients ever forget hers.


Peter Perlstein

Peter Perlstein is a partner in Wildlife Helicopters and our Chief Pilot. Having a lifetime of experience flying across Africa in remote areas we are extremely fortunate having him run the flying side for us. He started out his flying career in 1978 and today has over 10 000 hours of helicopter time, all in the Wildlife and Tourism industry. Pete is passionate about flying, the wilderness and its wildlife. Whether on the ground or in the air, you will be in good hands when in his company.

Heather-Lynn Haldane

Having grown up in the safari and conservation industry, Heather spent many school holidays in Mozambique. From an early age she showed a natural ability when it came to flying the company’s helicopters. She received her Helicopter license in 2018 and now assists with lion tracking and anti-poaching flights.

Dustan Haldane

From an early age, Dustan spent most of his holidays in Coutada 11. Having spent many hours in a helicopter, by the age of 14 he was familiar with how things worked. He received his pilots license in 2015. In 2019 he also received his Helicopter technicians license, a handy addition when working in remote areas like we do. Having grown up around helicopters and wildlife, Dustan is a great addition to the team. Dustan flys charter, he does wildlife work and anti-poaching patrols.