Zambeze Delta Safaris is Africa’s premier purveyor of Cape Buffalo. The Zambeze Delta holds one of the highest concentrations of Buffalo per square mile in Africa today. From hunting single Dagga boys to the bulls following the huge herds (often numbering well over a thousand), opportunities are there every day! Glassing over a huge herd 40 yards away in a grassy glade of the Delta, is a memory that will stay with you forever. We offer two specific types of buffalo hunts.

The Delta has huge herds and plenty of opportunities, it isn’t unusual to hunt 3 or 4 herds in a single day. We use Hagglunds BV206 amphibious vehicles to access the swamps. These BV’s allow us to recover the entire buffalo, an important factor of our conservation model is meat distribution to our local community.

The flocks of white cattle egrets give away the herds locations. Getting into shooting range involves keeping a good eye on the wind and often a little crawling, you will probably get your feet wet.

The savanna portion of Coutada 11 also has buffalo. These are hunted by picking up the tracks of single bulls or herds and tracking them down. Zambeze Delta Safaris has a full-time wildlife scientist on our team.

We believe in using science in the management of our wildlife. One of his duties is aging every buffalo harvested. Taking into account that a Buffalo on average will breed at 4 ½ years and form a fully hard boss at the age of 8.

In the 2019 season, we didn’t take a single buffalo younger than 8 years. The average was over 9 years and the oldest being 12.7 years old. Taking 75 Buffalo this year; is an achievement our team is extremely proud of.