Thorsten Weigel

Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique, with PH Anton Davidson from 22nd August – 1st September 2015

Client Name:Thorsten Weigel
PH Name:Anton Davidson
Safari Dates:
Start: 22nd August 2015
End: 1st September 2015
Areas Hunted: Mozambique – Coutada 11
Trackers Name:George
Rifle Calibre and Make:
Blaser .375 H&H and .458 Lott
Bullets Type:
Labor Fur Ballistik
Animals Hunted:
Warthog x 2
Notes on the Hunt:“It has been a real pleasure to be with Zambeze Delta Safaris and to experience great days with great PHs. Especially the hunt with Anton was greatly appreciated. All the efforts we took resulted in nice trophies. I will never forget the stalks to get a Buffalo even if I finally shot the ‘wrong’ one :) it was an unforgettable moment and I was very satisfied. The stalk was sometimes hard for me as I am not used to stalks in an environment like this and the climate as well. Thanks to Anton, thanks to Mark and Julian and thanks to all the staff as they have been very polite and charming”