Jane Keller

Hunting in Coutada 11 with PH Dylan Holmes from 20th – 30th September 2014

Client Name:
Jane Keller
PH Name:
Dylan Holmes
Safari Dates:
Start: 20th September 2014
End: 30th September 2014
Areas Hunted:
Coutada 11 – Mozambique
Trackers Name:
Rifle Calibre and Make:
Jarret 300
Custom 375
Bullets Type:
165gr and 200gr Nosler
Hornady 300gr Solids and Barnes 300gr
Animals Hunted:
Notes on the Hunt:
"This was my first free range safari as I am a novice hunter. Simply said, it was amazing and beyond my expectations. My great PH Dylan Holmes worked diligently on my behalf to achieve my goals and I harvested a Cape Buffalo, Sable, Bushpig, Reedbuck and Suni. His calming demeanour enabled me to feel confident about my ability to execute a safe shot (and calmed me down when I failed on my last animal!). I am overwhelmed by his hard work as we put in over 100km just to find me the perfect Sable – 36"! I learned so much about the theory of hunting, wind, stalk, duiker calling and buds of Mozambique. I feel humbled to have experienced this beautiful country and its living creatures but it truly came alive on the last days spent watching a PH with a full time love of the outdoors! He knows the organisation, the hunter, and most of all, the animals that make this experience possible"