Atwood Family

Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique, with PHs Andrew Walker, John Forsyth and Anton Marais, from 3rd – 15th August 2015

Client Name:
Atwood Family
PH Name:
Anton Marais, John Forsyth and Andrew Walker
Safari Dates:
Start: 3rd August 2015
End: 15th August 2015
Areas Hunted:
Mozambique – Coutada 11
Trackers Name:
Rifle Calibre and Make:
Winchester 7mm Rem Mag
Custom Winchester 270 and RPM .30 Merrill
Bullets Type:
Barnes TSX 130 and 140gr
180g Hornady
Animals Hunted:
Bushbuck x 2
Grey, Red and Blue Duiker
Oribi x 2 and Suni
Reedbuck x 2
Warthog x 2
Notes on the Hunt:
“Extraordinarily pleasant and successful safari, with wonderful staff and talented PHs” – Stan “My first visit to ZDS has been an experience I’ll never forget. The staff were friendly and hardworking, always willing to see our stay was pleasurable. I know I speak for my children as well when I say our expedition was fulfilled beyond our expectations. I had the pleasure of hunting with both Andrew Walker and John Forsyth. They’re knowledgeable, fun, hardworking PHs, and they worked very well with my 10 year old girls in all aspects of the sport. Overall, I’d rate them A+. Sad to be leaving the area, but all good things must come to an end. I look forward to our next adventure with ZDS and Andrew and John. Poppie separated their rigorous daily grind of hunting with baking, manicures and gardening” – Sabrina

“John Forsyth was fantastic when I took my Bushbuck. We kept driving then stopped the vehicle and made a stalk on the Bushbuck. I could see him between 2 trees. John set up the sticks perfectly and I took my shot with my hunting handgun. He dropped. John was also very knowledgeable about Nyalas. He positioned us so the wind was perfect. When my Nyala came to the end of the forest we had to make a quiet stalk but he was perfect. I got my shot and he went down. John was very helpful with my granddaughters. They made great stalks on all animals. He set them up quickly on the sticks and braced them with his arm, giving them needed support. They made perfect shots because John knows his job. He is a great PH” – Pamela