Camp Update – Zambeze Delta

Craigh, Rye, John, Etienne and our new apprentice Craig, have been in camp for about 3 weeks. They are currently making sure the camps are up to scratch, roads are being cut and the so that area will be ready for a very busy 2013 season.
Julian is heading up to camp at the end of March – to help lend a hand. The rest of the team will follow suite shortly.
Mike is currently hunting in the Eastern Cape and will be finishing up there on the 13th April.
Mark, Mike and Johan will be heading to Cameroon in May to conduct a Forest Hunt with our good friends, Mike and John Verlander.
In May, Glen will be heading to Botswana with Bob Stone – to possibly hunt his last Botswana Elephant before they shut it down at the end of the year!
Poen will be heading up to Mozambique at the beginning of May to get Coutada12 ready. Zaendre will follow in June to take care of our client’s food requirements.
Anita is very busy sorting out all the necessary paperwork for all our clients coming in this year.