Anti Poaching

Mozambique was written off by many after the war, as totally shot out.
Fortunately they were wrong in the case of the Zambeze Delta in central Mozambique. A small but viable population of game remained in the early 1990’s. The first buffalo count in the Delta was a mere 1200. Known Sable in Coutada 11 were sitting at 44. Today Coutada 11 boasts in excess of 2600 Sable and the Delta, over 18 000 Buffalo.
The rest of the game has come back in a similar fashion and today Coutada 11 has one of the highest concentrations of game in any hunting concession block in Africa today. This didn’t all happen by chance. It took dedication and investment. Several of our clients have been very kind sponsors, and today we run a 22 man anti-poaching unit which is very effective in suppressing the meat trade in our region.
We have included the community in our program, which has helped tremendously. We have a meat distribution program so that not a single pound of meat is wasted from sport hunted animals. Provided their village isn’t caught in poaching activities, they receive a regular meat ration. In addition to this a Corn Mill and a School have been provided (through the kind funding of Carolyn Huckabee).
This year we would like to modernize our unit and go to the next level. We intend employing a full time section leader and to also incorporate a quick reaction Bike squad. Please watch this space!
To assist in our fundraising, we would like to host a dinner with a well-known guest speaker, have a silent auction and a sponsorship page.
To all of you that have so kindly helped us in the past, a huge thank you for contributing towards such a worthy conservation cause.