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Whether it's the big 5 that calls you to Africa, or the huge variety of plainsgame species, having over one million acres of hunting concession in SA, we can cater for your every need. We offer all of the big 5 and 37 species of plainsgame in a variety of habitat stretching across SA, Botswana and up into the Zambesi Delta of Mozambique.

SA works on a theory of sustainable game utilization, our areas all follow this in practice which enables us to take excellent record book trophies year after year.

Hunting Report : Zambeze Delta Safaris
My hunting partner Rick and I started out in Calgary on Oct 18 with a direct flight to London where we had a 10 hour layover. Not wanting to hang at the airport we stored our carry-ons and grabbed a cab to do a little touring around town. We spent a few hours at the Museum of Natural History, that was worth the cab fare. Very Interesting place and I highly recommend it if you have some time.

Haldanes run a great operation and have a special area with incredible game diversity and numbers. This didn't happen by accident and has taken years of diligent effort. I couldn't recommend them enough. I'm headed back with them in October 2014.

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We are very fortunate in having a team of 11 dedicated full time Guides, all with heaps of dangerous game experience who are happiest when they are in the field hunting. Our Operations Manageress, Camp Manageresses and full time Videographers compliment our team...
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Jordan Beard
Total Photos : 4

Jordan Beard - Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique with PH: Mike Currie from the 23rd July - 30th July 2014

Eric Berger
Total Photos : 2

Eric Burger - Hunting in Coutada 11 - Mozambique with PH: Craigh Hammam from the 29th July - 9th August 2014

Michael Dorn
Total Photos : 4

Michael Dorn - Hunting in Coutada 12, Mozambique, with PH Poen van Zyl from 20th July - 31st July

Jeff Edland
Total Photos : 10

Jeff Edland - Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique, with PHs Poen and Carl van Zyl from 20th July - 31st July

Bruce Gordon
Total Photos : 5

Bruce Gordon - Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique, with PH Rye Pletts from 6th July - 17th July

Ullrich Gotthold
Total Photos : 12

Ulrich Gotthold - Hunting in Coutada 11, Mozambique, with PH Rye Pletts from 17th June - 27th June